Peer-reviewed Publications

"Bill of Lading Data in International Trade Research with an Application to the COVID-19 Pandemic" (with Aaron Flaaen, Flora Haberkorn, Anderson Monken, Justin Pierce, Rosemary Rhodes, and Madeleine Yi). First version: September 2021. This version: October 2022. Forthcoming at the Review of International Economics. Abstract

"Heavy Tailed, but not Zipf: Firm and Establishment Size in the U.S." (with Illenin Kondo and Andrea Stella). First version: October 2018. This version: October 2022. Forthcoming at the Journal of Applied Econometrics. Previously distributed as, "On the U.S. Establishment and Firm Size Distributions". Abstract

"Structural Change and Global Trade" (with Ryan Monarch, Michael Sposi, and Jing Zhang). Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 20, Issue 1 (Feb. 2022), pp.476-512. First version: December 2017. Working paper version. Abstract
Media: NYTimes

"How Important are Trade Prices for Trade Flows?" (previously circulated at "Menu Costs, Trade Flows, and Exchange Rate Volatility") IMF Economic Review, Vol. 65, Issue 3 (Aug. 2017), pp. 471-497. First version: May 2011. This version: June 2017. Working paper version. Abstract

"Exports versus Multinational Production under Nominal Uncertainty" Journal of International Economics, Vol. 94, No. 2 (Nov. 2014), pp. 371-386. Working paper version. Abstract

"Does the Fed Respond to Oil Price Shocks?" (with Lutz Kilian), Economic Journal, Vol. 121, Issue 555 (Sep. 2011), pp. 1047-1072. Working paper version. Abstract

"The Collapse of International Trade During the 2008-2009 Crisis: In Search of the Smoking Gun" (with Andrei Levchenko and Linda Tesar), IMF Economic Review, Vol. 58, No. 2 (Dec. 2010), pp. 214-253 (also longer NBER Working Paper No. 16006) Abstract

Other Publications

"The Role of Financial Factors in the Trade Collapse: A Skeptic's View" (with Andrei Levchenko and Linda Tesar). In Trade Finance during the Great Trade Collapse Ed. Jean-Pierre Chauffour, Mirem Malouch. Washington, DC: The World Bank 2011: 133-147. Abstract

"The 'Collapse in Quality' Hypothesis" (with Andrei Levchenko and Linda Tesar). AER Papers and Proceedings, 101:3 (May 2011), 293-297. Working paper version.

In Progress

"The Establishment Margin of Firm Growth" joint with Illenin Kondo and Andrea Stella.

"Asymmetries and Non-linearities in Exchange Rate Pass-through" joint with Mina Kim and Rob Vigfusson.

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